Moving Medicine Forward Through Clinical Trials

Knowledge is Power

We offer Central New Yorkers new opportunities to participate in national and global research projects. We tackle diseases and illnesses that affect not only our community, but people all over the world. 

Clarity partners with specialists from all different backgrounds, bringing the brightest minds in medicine together to conduct clinical trials for investigational pharmaceuticals or diagnostic tools. Often, our volunteers are affected by a certain illness and their current treatment hasn't been fully effective, or they simply want to help in research to change the lives of those who will come after them. For some of our patients, they suffer from a disease or illness for which there aren't currently any approved treatments. 

We love that we can join together, partnering with clinicians and volunteers, in the exploration of new medical treatments. Each patient volunteer brings us one step closer to changing tomorrow's medicine.


Please contact us today to find out how we can help you or someone you love.