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Joining together to accelerate medicine.  

Lisa Sonneborn, Founder

After having worked with one of the largest clinical trials sites in the world, Lisa Sonneborn tried many roles in the clinical research process. It was her training and licensing as a therapist that helped Lisa develop her own style of patient centered care.

Lisa quickly found that meeting and collaborating with the patients, their caregivers, physicians, and community groups,  created an environment that supported patients as they engaged in clinical trials. 

The patient experience in research trials is a direct reflection of the relationships that brought that patient to the research process. It is this connection that brought Lisa's patients to enroll, and that kept them involved in the research process long after signing consent.

Our work is time consuming, but valuable. We aim to deliver value to our clients by not only connecting them to trials that we believe they will qualify for, but to support them in all the ways we can. Our partnerships with our community allows us to become a center for patients and caregivers unlike any other clinical research site.

Christine Hall, MEd

My name is Christy Hall.  Syracuse is my home. I was born and raised here.  I graduated from Corcoran HS and Le Moyne College. As a clinical research associate (CRA), I have been supporting medical research here is Syracuse for the past 24 years.  I retired from University Hospital in 2017 where I worked on pediatric and adult cancer trials and cutting edge cystic fibrosis trials, among other trials.  

But I couldn’t stay away from medical research for long! You see, 3 of my 4 grandparents died of dementia.  For me it’s personal.  But from what I am reading and learning, it’s going to become personal for all of us soon. It’s predicted that 1 in 3 of us will die of Alzheimer’s or some other dementia; 1 in 2 of us will take care of someone with dementia!

I am passionate about educating CNY about Alzheimer’s Disease and about the research we are doing here at Clarity.  My hope is that you will understand that this research needs all types of subjects—NOT just those with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Give me a call to set up a talk or to schedule an your own, personal memory screening.

Jennifer Wolf, CPhT

My name is Jennifer Wolf. I am a Research Assistant here at Clarity Clinical Research. I am also a certified pharmacy technician with over seventeen years of inpatient hospital experience. 

Growing up, my grandmother suffered a form of dementia. She lived with us for many years. As a young girl I watched how it affected my grandmother and my family and I am compassionate and eager to help learn more about this disease. 

When I am not at CCR, you could find me gardening, baking, tending to my gaggle of dogs and chickens, making up new concoctions for the skin or running all over town from one soccer event to the next but, most importantly is my time spent with my awesome husband and three children. They are my heart and that’s what makes this research so important. I want our future generations to have as much knowledge and growth to continue what we learn now.

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